Republic College, School of Architecture, Design & Built Environment’s primary focus is studio-based education with a strong emphasis on the interrelationships between design, collaboration, innovation and open discussion in an environment that values critical thinking, inquisitiveness and experimentation. Students are encouraged to understand how professional practitioners engage and solve design problems with real projects across a myriad of scales: object, building, town and beyond, all undertaken with the intention of fostering spatial form-making skills and tectonic skills.

What does an architect do?
An architect visualizes, conceptualizes, designs and supervises buildings, from something as small as an addition to someone’s house to something as large as a hospital, college campus, or an entire town. The architect, in his capacity as leader and coordinator of the process that starts with an idea on paper till completion of the building, is required to possess knowledge of a multitude of fields such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management, human psychology, soil mechanics, construction materials, environment, law, bidding and tendering etc., in addition to creative designing.

Why choose this programme?
At Republic, the students have the opportunity to become acquainted with a diverse range of contemporary design approaches. The School does not seek to impose any single design philosophy on students, but rather encourages each student to form their own judgment and find their own direction through exploration and study to develop an individual approach to design. The students will be taught to understand architecture as a creative, innovative, productive and responsible practice.

The main goal of the School is –

  1. to stimulate intellectual growth and strengthen the capacity of students to provide creative and responsible solutions to unique and changing problems
  2. to encourage creativity, artistic sensitivity and scientific thinking
  3. to create leaders in designing more vibrant, resilient, healthy and sustainable environments.
  4. to facilitate the students to acquire the capabilities required for the competent and ethical practice of architecture and lifelong learning.

 Career Prospects
Organisations and firms that hire Architecture graduates include:

  • Architectural firms (government & private sector)
  • Structural Engineering firms
  • Real-estate developers
  • Development authorities such as CDA, LDA, PDA
  • Provincial governments’ Communication & Works departments
  • Construction companies
  • Project Management firms for a project site (as construction manager)
  • Architecture Discipline in universities (Teaching position as teaching assistant or a lecturer)
  • Landscape design firms
  • Graphic design firms
  • Production design, theatre/television/film
  • Gaming industry