Why choose this programme?

At Republic University College, aspiring journalists will learn the craft of Media and Journalism as it is practiced in the industry today. These practical skills will be built on a strong theoretical foundation of the role of media in society in order to inculcate in students a deep understanding of the industry within a larger democratic context. This programme, above all, will equip students with key skills that are valued within the industry.

Main goals of the School

  1. To prepare students to become professional media practitioners armed with skill set that is in great demand by the industry
  2. To equip students with the depth of understanding of this field of study so they can successfully grapple with the requirements of an industry undergoing rapid evolution in the digital era
  3. To train students in the fundamentals of Media and Journalism so they are proficient in all platforms i.e. Print, Electronic and Digital
  4. To inculcate in students a strong sense of ethics and responsibility that is an essential requirement for media practitioners the world over

Career prospects

  • Television Channels:  Anchors, Producers, Reporters, Scriptwriters
  • Digital & Social Media Organisations: Content Writers, Editors, Producers, Reporters, Bloggers, Vloggers
  • Newspapers & Magazines: Sub Editors, Reporters, Feature Writers
  • Government Organisations: Communication Specialists, Public Relations & Information Officers, Research Analysts
  • Private Sector Organisations: Communication & Information Specialists, Media Consultants
  • Academic Institutions: Teaching positions as Teaching Assistant or a Lecturer