The exclusive Executive Master of Business Administration program is designed for professionals with prior professional experience, who wish to indulge in future leadership and strategic roles. This 2-year program is specifically designed to facilitate the learning and development of professionals who have already embarked upon their journey in the world of work. This program develops business managers for strategic roles in order to provide advanced and expert business consultation when and wherever required. EMBA program at Republic University College is only for professionals who possess at least 3 years of professional experience which ensures better opportunities for students in regards to peer learning, effective networking and opportunity to establish long-lasting relationships with fellow professionals. The faculty puts an utmost focus on existing and future industry needs of the employers and aims to prepare our students exactly in synchronization with what the real world demands ensuring the future success of our students.

Why Choose This Program?
This program is exclusively designed for professionals who are aspiring for career progression and to prepare for future strategic roles that require pertinent leadership skills, abilities and relevant knowledge. At Republic University College, the EMBA program is designed by industry experts with utmost focus on industry needs, requirements and aims to achieve the perfect synchronization between industry requirements and theoretic knowledge to give the most value to the students.

Career Prospects:
With the exclusive EMBA Degree, not only you will learn the most contemporary industry knowledge, develop the in-demand skills but also add significant strength to your professional outlook, strengthen your employability, career progression opportunities and pave way for a rewarding, fulfilling and progressive career ahead. By graduating with Executive MBA degree, you will set yourself apart from your peers thus enhancing your progression opportunities in a world where increasing competition has led to a war of talent.
Because of its exclusiveness, EMBA graduates enjoy a distinct competitive edge over their competitors, which reflect into better careers, rewarding jobs and ultimately a more fulfilling life.

EMBA vs. MBA (General)

  • EMBA program is not open for applications to general public and is exclusive to professionals/ business owners/ entrepreneurs.
  • Applicants are required to demonstrate and prove at least 3 years of their industry experience.
  • The curriculum designed for EMBA is different from MBA (General) program due to their different approaches and academic orientation. Both programs are designed to provide maximum and most relevant knowledge for two different audiences.
  • The classes for EMBA shall commence only in the evenings.
  • A maximum of 40 students shall be enrolled for the EMBA program. The final selection shall be strictly based on merit.

Additional Eligibility Criteria:
Along with the basic eligibility criteria (available in the Admissions Section) which
is uniform for all programs offered at Republic University College, EMBA program is exclusively offered to professionals who possess at least 3 years of professional experience.
Applicants who fail to demonstrate evidence backed industry experience shall not be entertained and enrolled into EMBA Program and shall be considered for MBA (General) Program.