Admission Process

Students are advised to kindly refer to this section for any queries before reaching out to the admissions office. In case this section does not include the required information, please email us on or WhatsApp or call on 0334 0036777 for more information.

Are paper application accepted in person or through courier?
 Paper applications are accepted in the admission office on campus and can also be submitted to our Admissions office in person or through courier.

Where is the main campus located?
Our campus is located on Main GT Road opposite DHA Phase-2, Gate no. 1, Islamabad.

Is Republic College an approved educational institution?
Yes, Republic College is approved, endorsed and registered with the following bodies:

  • Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  • Federal Ministry of Education & Professional Training, Government of Pakistan
  • Federal Directorate of Education, Government of Pakistan
  • Private Education Institutes Regulatory Authority (PEIRA)


Does Republic College offer Intermediate / HSSC?
Yes Republic College offers HSSC – FSc (Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical), ICS, I.Com and FA (Humanities)

Which Board are Intermediate programmes registered with?
Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE)

Are any scholarships available?
Yes, we offer generous scholarships to students with top grades in Matric / O Levels. Please WhatsApp or call on 0334 0036777 for more information


Are undergraduate programmes offered by Republic College affiliated?
Yes, our BS Software Engineering, BS Mass Communication and BBA, B.Ed and Biotechnology programmes are affiliated with the prestigious Government College University (GCU), Faisalabad.

Why are students required to provide information regarding their complete educational history?
At Republic College, our prime focus is on providing the best and complete professional development to our students. Therefore, it is important for us to get a complete and accurate picture of your academic history to evaluate your academic portfolio and if warranted offer you with our scholarships or financial assistance when applied for. Moreover, providing an elaborate history of your educational career helps our career development teams to better help you with your future development.

Are there any external tests that students are required to pass in order to be enrolled?
You are not required to take any tests such as GMAT, SAT, NTS or GRE etc. to get enrolled in our institution. Our admission test process is based on 3 stages. Your academic record holds the weight of 30% of total marks, 40% weight is assigned to our Republic Evaluation test which is divided further into 4 modules (10% marks for each module) and lastly an admission interview which holds 30% weight in overall marks.

Can you provide me some information regarding the Republic Evaluation Test?
The Republic Evaluation test is a written test that shall be conducted on campus and holds 40% weight of the total marks for our admission process. This MCQs based test evaluates an applicant on basis of;

1.      General Knowledge

2.      Logical Reasoning

3.      English Comprehension

4.      Departmental Aptitude Test

All of these modules carry equals marks 100 marks each (10% weight).

What should I expect in the admission interview?
The admission interview is an important part of the admission process which provides the opportunity to the student to score a good accumulative grade to enhance his or her chances of enrollment in Republic. The process shall be a 15-minute session where interviewees shall be evaluated on three basic aspects;

  1. Communication and Presentation Skills.
  2. Commitment and passion to study in the applied programme.
  3. Overall Confidence.

Each of these three aspects has been assigned equal weight (10% Marks)

Are there any application processing charges?
No, there are no application charges. All students who have passed HSSC with a minimum of C grade or equivalent are welcome to apply.

If due to any reason, I delay the provision of supporting documents, will it negatively impact my prospects for enrollment?
Late applications will be considered on a case to case basis. However, you should apply and submit all of the required documents as early as possible after reviewing the deadlines mentioned on the website and on our Social Media pages..

How will I be notified of the admissions decision?
Our admission office works diligently and is prepared to process the admission applications as efficiently as possible. You will be informed of the decision through an email. You will also get a notification regarding the email via text message on the number mentioned in your application form.

Who should I contact if I have any question about the application and admission process?
If you have any question about the application process or the admission process, please contact our admission office or liaison office in person or by calling us on our landline 051 5208001
or 0334 0036777 or emailing us your query on

Who would be the best person to contact if I have questions about a specific programme?
Our faculty is readily available to provide any information regarding the offered programs at Republic College. If you have any question specific to a certain programme our admission office has all the relevant information to entertain any of your queries.

Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid

Who is eligible to apply for financial assistance?
Every applicant may apply for financial assistance. However, the institution reserves the right to choose and determine the most deserving candidate for the financial aid.

Can a student apply for the financial aid after the commencement of classes or during the academic year?
Yes, but only under specific circumstances where financial situation of the relevant individual changes drastically due to any unforeseen circumstances e.g. retirement, death, layoffs from job etc.

What is the criterion for awarding financial assistance?
The admission office assesses the financial need of candidates and determines whether or not the candidate’s family has adequate resources to support the fee. The need is determined on the basis of the financial credentials submitted by the student that includes income statements, bank statements and other financial tools to identify the most deserving individuals

Can a student appeal for review of the financial assistance decision?
Yes, in case the student feels provision of new information or document might change the decision. The admission office shall review the case in the light of the newly provided information.

Are there any scholarships available at Republic College?
Please click on to get detailed information on financial aid and scholarships