Intermediate is a ladder of one individuals towards professional career. Everyone has goals and dreams in their life since childhood, & Intermediate is the last stage for students to decide their appropriate goals, and to realize their dreams and goals. For this purpose, a student would need the following:

1-Aptitude for education

2-Mental fitness

3-Physical fitness

Republic College is the only institute that provides such an environment which fulfills all the basic necessities of students.

  • Highly experienced Faculty, extremely skilled in paper setting, marking, and excellent subject knowledge, along with good lecture delivering capabilities and class control, which will help students to achieve high grades in education.
  • Periodically, different seminars are arranged. Lectures, delivered by celebrities on moral and virtual values to enhance their mental health.
  • Weekly or monthly sports events are conducted to make our students physically fit. A sound body has a sound mind.

Parent faculty interaction (PFI) will be held on a monthly basis to discuss the progress of students; their strengths, weaknesses and capabilities, so that students can select the right profession. We maintain the parent, student and teacher triangle for the whole year for our academic excellence.

Our F.Sc / HSSC program not only provides theoretical but also comprehensive practical knowledge of various subjects through detailed practical course work. The two year program we provide will not only sharpen a student’s sense of understanding and mode of learning, but also help them in their future choice of career.

Career Counseling

At Republic College, students will be given proper career counseling, according to the fields/professions they would pursue. This would enable them to be confident about their future, and would remove any doubt or ambiguity about what careers they would want in their professional life’s.

Entry Test Preparation

At Republic College we prepare students for any entry tests that they would walk sits for, thus enabling them to go ahead confidently, as this would be an important step towards a solid future career or profession

FSc Pre-Medical:

We have well equipped labs for Pre-Medical students to carry out experiments, leading to a thorough “hands on” understanding of the subject. We will invite experts in the medical field to give lectures to the students on a regular basis, including multimedia sessions.

Top fields after completion of FSc Pre-Medical/Career Options:

  1. Bachelor of medicine or surgery
  2. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharmacy)
  3. Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharmacy)
  4. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  5. BSc Nursing
  6. BSc Physio Therapy.
  7. BSc medical, Lab, Technology

FSc Pre-Engineering:

Most parents want their children to become either doctors or engineers. The students need an aptitude for science, along with mathematics. Career related engineering will be taught at Republic College, enabling students to decide to opt for various engineering fields. We have highly qualified faculty who will guide the students along the night professional path.

There are various engineering fields from which students can choose, according to his/her choice. They are as follows.

  1. BSc Mechanical Engineering
  2. BSc Electrical Engineering
  3. BSc Civil Engineering
  4. BSc Chemical Engineering
  5. BSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  6. BSc Environment Engineering


At Republic College we have a fully equipped computer lab and qualified faculty being experts in their fields. The future of our world in almost every field depends on computers and information on any topic is readily available on the world wide web.

The top professional fields for ICS students after intermediate are:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Telecommunication
  3. Electronic Engineering
  4. S Nano Technology
  5. S Space Sciences
  6. S Physics
  7. S computational Physics
  8. S Mathematics


Trade and commerce are an integral part of world economics. All students who are searching for career option after i.Com have the following options or the betterment of their careers.

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. Diploma in Banking
  3. ACCA
  4. Hotel Management
  5. BCA
  6. Diploma in Marketing

At Republic College we ensure that students are ready for most of their computers after completing I.Com.


Education in Arts is an integral part of a student’s educational grooming, Fine arts promotes self-esteem motivation, awareness of beauty and exposure to culture. At Republic College the students will receive an in depth knowledge from qualified faculty who themselves have achieved accolades in their field of work which includes using all the five senses.

There is no reason why you cannot pursure a career as a rofessional artist you have talent and dedication for the following.

  1. Photographer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Print Maker
  4. Fashion Designer
  5. Animation
  6. Interior Designer