Through the course of education, there exist certain milestones that a student has to cross to get to the next; the juncture in this course that defines the profession to be for that student, is the Intermediate level of education.

Literally representing, the median point coming between two things in time, the Intermediate degree that a student attains unlocks the next levels of progression in academia. This ladder requires a healthy aptitude for learning, a sound state of mind, and a fit physique to get the job done; Republic College prioritizes its students above all and avidly works to provide the optimum environment for students to achieve such a healthy form in.

Here at Republic, we correspond the knowledge it takes to educate our students for the real world with focus on education of both the heart and the mind. With highly experienced faculty, proficient in paper setting, marking who are equipped with not only excellent subject knowledge, but also with delivering said knowledge in the best way, Republic seeks and executes nothing but excellence for its pupils. And while the curriculum is a top priority for us, so is character building, and personal growth through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Different seminars, lectures, talks and visits by various influential personalities are conducted at campus regularly, to keep alive the practice of educating and being educated, alike.

And so, while education and recreations are important, so is keeping up with our progress and standing accountable for ourselves. RUC conducts monthly Parent Faculty Interaction (PFI)s to discuss our students and their progression; their strengths, and otherwise, their abilities and potential for a rightful direction to be devised and personalized. We maintain the parent-student-teacher link throughout the academic year for our excellence to become unique excellence.

Henceforth, with our student-oriented approach and direction of instruction, our programs will not only sharpen a student’s potential but also equip them of using that potential to the fullest, with some special attention through Career-Counselling, and Entry-Test Preparations.


At Republic, students are attended to in every sense and provided with proper career counselling, tailored to meet every level of individuality till the end, to fully inculcate within our students the art of introspection and guided self analysis to ensure growth in the right direction. We want the best for our youth; it is highly important to guide them to the right path, and that too, the one right for them. Republic College aims to help every child find their unique purpose, and fully unleash the potential that they carry within themselves, which will be expressed through effective career choices.

Entry-Test Preparations:

To prepare is to look ahead, and at Republic, the whole objective behind our mission is to equip our students for the future, for the real world as: confident, innovative, and learned leaders of tomorrow, thus special attention is paid to the Entry-tests, their preparations, their scheduling, their updates, etc. as this step builds the very foundation for the next endeavors to begin.

Our Programs:

We offer:

F.Sc (Pre-Medical & Pre- Engineering), ICS, I.Com, and F.A. From the medical world to the computational, from the mathematical realm to the artistic, our programs are set to stand out.

Equipped with fully-functioning labs for our students to benefit from, we believe in providing our students the most of their educational careers, through primary learning in classrooms and labs, multimedia, interaction based sessions and talks for personal growth and academic learning, that enables our children to brace any field they fit best to, while also keeping them updated with the prevalent and helping them do best by giving them the exposure they need to know and grow.

Enroll in our Intermediate Program and get the best worth of your time, efforts, and money through the golden experience of learning!