Student-Centered Teaching Philosophy
At Republic College, students are the prime focus of our teaching philosophy. Contrary to the traditional approaches, we believe in dialectic and progressive form of education with the focus on experiential learning, group discussions, and utility of modern teaching techniques.

We are an institution where Students are the VIPs of the whole value chain.

Lively and Functional Campus
The Campus is designed specifically considering the preferences of modern learners and 21st-century millennial students. Our spacious multi-purpose hall, named the Hall of Fame & our 60-seat sloping-floor auditorium equipped with a stage, named Auditorium Maximus provides excellent interactive and learning space to our students for their societies and clubs, and for examinations, lectures, talks, and events.

Learning Rooms/ Spaces Instead of Traditional Classrooms
Republic College aims to revolutionize the educational process that is traditionally followed. In our interactive learning rooms, students shall actively participate in the learning process. Such is our learning philosophy i.e. learning by doing and by ensuring students involvement.

Modern Library
A spacious library with over 10,000 books and modern seating arrangement designed purely with the intention of providing an opportunity to our students to learn, explore and excel.

Industry Oriented Curriculum
Our curriculum is designed by industry professionals and acclaimed academicians to ensure the most appropriate units and content are taught to our students.

Our learning objectives are to ensure that a student should not be over-burdened with irrelevant content neither a student should be under-prepared for the real world but the right and appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities that the real world demands in a student should be ensured for the future success of the student.

Highly Qualified & Industry Acclaimed Faculty
Our faculty is not only highly qualified but have the necessary industry exposure needed to provide a complete and sound learning experience to our students. This blend of professional and academic experience helps us prepare our students better for the real world and future challenges they are expected to face.

Professional Development & Employability
Through our guaranteed Internships for every single student, Job Placements & Mentor Initiative for qualifying students, we aim to develop our student not only academically but also as a thorough and competent professional of their respective discipline.

 Intensive Staff Training
Every staff member at Republic College is trained with earth-quake and fire evacuation training, first aid training, rapid response training and basic security training. This initiative by the leadership ensures that students are in safe hands at all times. 

 Student Performance Recognition
Acknowledging and rewarding high performance are integral to our culture. We believe encouragement is the best and most effective tool to motivate a learner in going above and beyond to excel.

Republic Wall of High Achievers
The Republic Wall of High Achievers is an emblem marking our tradition of recognizing high achievers. Every semester, the names of the top GPA scoring students shall be engraved on the wall of high achievers in every department. This is not confined only to academics but students performing in extra-curricular activities as well.

 Generous Scholarships and Financial Aid
Shuhada Scholarships & Merit Scholarship offer generous opportunities to students to secure lucrative scholarships and financial aid. Acknowledging the children of our Martyrs is an initiative by our institution that is parallel to none.

Celebrity and Guest Lectures
Distinguished guests including members of parliament, senate, and acclaimed national celebrities regularly visit our premises for various learning activities. Students through our societies and clubs have the opportunity to directly learn from high achievers and distinguished figures of their disciplines.

Focus on Sports, Extra-curricular Activities (Campus Life @ Republic) :
Concerts and Festivals, Societies and Clubs Activities, Indoor sporting activities and Out-door Sports activities lie at the heart of our campus life. Extra-curricular activities are not only encouraged at Republic campus, but the management encourages the students to participate in extra-curricular activities and develop their talents.