For the industrious, diligent and high performing students, Republic College through its strong industry connections shall provide job placement opportunities to the qualifying students. This feature is different from the normal career counseling services that most of the educational institutions provide on basis of following;

  1. Our industry liaison office will not only identify and communicate the opportunity but also help you prepare for the application process, interview process and will strive to ensure our students are placed well in the industry as soon as they graduate.
  2. We provide the opportunity to link you to a professional mentor through our Republic Mentors Program who shall help you with your further professional development and guide you towards better career prospects. This unique mentoring program helps students who are fresh graduate link with a professional of their own discipline. This mentor- mentee relationship provides significant value to the graduate’s professional outlook and portfolio. Thus, increasing the graduate’s employability.
  3. Industry liaison office also offers executive coaching and leadership development opportunities to qualifying students that focuses on self- assessments and development to address any of the shortcomings and address the areas of improvement ultimately resulting in enhanced employability of the student.

The qualifying criterion differs from one department to another. In the orientation and formal welcome event, all the department chairmen shall provide detailed information regarding each department criterion.