To prepare our students for successful media professions, the School of Digital & Electronic Media seeks to inculcate the values of truth, objectivity and justice among the students so that they may perform their roles as disseminators of knowledge and makers of opinion without leading biased careers.

Mass Communication holds immense importance in this age of science and technology; the need to safeguard the domestic and foreign interest as a unit requires technological advancement and communication channels far beyond the conventional approach.

Public relations, communication strategies, advertising campaigns, media policy, image building and public opinion formation are few of the basic tools of communication in media studies, thus with the foremost objective for Republic College is to provide our students with the opportunity and exposure they need to equip themselves with the blend of skills and knowledge so they may meet challenges in national and international arenas.






Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.


Semester – I
ENG-301 English for Academic Purposes 3(3-0)
ISL-302 Islamic Studies 2(2-0)
MCM-301 Introduction to Communication 3(3-0)
CSI-303 Computer Skills 3(3-0)
POL-321 Introduction to Political Science 3(3-0)
MCM-303 News Writing & Reporting 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 17


Semester – II
ENG-322 Academic Reading and Writing 3(3-0)
PST-322 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
MCM-302 Mass Media in Pakistan 3(3-0)
MCM-304 Statistics Cum Mathematics 3(3-0)
MCM-306 Mass Media & Tolerance 3(3-0)
MCM-308 Sub Editing & Page Designing (T&P) 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 17


Semester – III
ENG-421 Communication Skills 3(3-0)
URD-419 Functional Urdu 3(3-0)
MCM-305 National & International Affairs 3(3-0)
MCM-307 Introduction to Public Relations 3(3-0)
MCM-309 Introduction to Broadcast & Visual Media 3(3-0)
MCM-311 Basic Concepts in Social Sciences 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 18


Semester – IV
ENG-422 Advanced Academic Reading & Writing 3(3-0)
MCM-310 Contemporary World Media 3(3-0)
MCM-312 Feature, Column & Editorial Writing (T&P) 3(2-1)
MCM-314 Advertising: Theory & Practice 3(2-1)
MCM-316 Introduction to Video & Photography 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 15


Semester – V
MCM-313 Research Methods – I 3(3-0)
MCM-315 International Communication 3(3-0)
MCM-317 Online Journalism 3(3-0)
MCM-319 Media Seminar 3(2-1)
MCM-321 Theories of Communication – I 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 15


Semester – VI
MCM-318 Media Society & Culture 3(3-0)
MCM-320 Development Communication 3(3-0)
MCM-322 Research Methods – II 3(3-0)
MCM-324 Writing Workshop 3(3-0)
MCM-326 Theories of Communication – II 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 15


Semester – VII
Compulsory Papers
MCM-323 Statistics for Social Sciences 3(3-0)
MCM-325 Media Psychology 3(3-0)
MCM-327 Media Ethics & Laws 3(3-0)
Optional Subjects
1.      Print Media
MCM-329 Advanced Reporting 3(3-0)
MCM-331 Newspaper Production 3(3-0)
2.      Broadcast Media
MCM-333 Radio News Reporting & Production 3(3-0)
MCM-335 TV News Reporting & Production 3(3-0)
3.      Advertising & Public Relations
MCM-337 Advertising – I 3(3-0)
MCM-339 Public Relations – I 3(3-0)
4.      Organizational Communication
MCM-341 Organizations & Organizational Behaviour 3(3-0)
MCM-343 Business & Marketing Communication 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 15


Semester – VIII
Compulsory Subjects
MCM-328 Research Report 3(3-0)
MCM-330 Media Management & Marketing 3(3-0)
MCM-332 Specialized Journalism 3(3-0)
MCM-334 Internship 3(3-0)
Optional Subjects
1.      Print Media
MCM-336 Advanced Sub-editing 3(3-0)
MCM-338 Magazine & Book Production 3(3-0)
2.      Broadcast Media
MCM-340 Radio Program Production 3(3-0)
MCM-342 TV Program Production 3(3-0)
3.      Advertising & Public Relations
MCM-344 Advertising – II 3(3-0)
MCM-346 Public Relations – II 3(3-0)
4.      Organizational Communication
MCM-348 Business Writings (Practical Exercise) 3(3-0)
MCM-350 Managerial Communication 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 18
Total Credit Hours = 130


  • Candidates for admission in BS Mass Communication must have 45% aggregate marks in HSSC or equivalent.
  • All course contents are described as per GCUF description.
  • Admission criteria and degree requirements are as per HEC rules.