The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme prepares business professionals and students for future leadership, strategic and empowering job roles in public, commercial and not-for-profit organizations. This 2 years programme entails intense full-time studies which focus on the student’s thorough learning and development and on polishing the professional outlook to ensure career enhancement. This programme also develops business managers to provide expert business consultation in an increasingly globalized world environment. The MBA programme at Republic University College puts utmost emphasis on meeting the industry needs of the employers and aims to prepare our students exactly in sync with what the real world demands from them. This focus on theory to practice linkage is reflected throughout our curriculum, in our mode of teaching and related academic setting.

Why Choose This Programme?
Republic University College aims to prepare every student as per the industry expectations and inculcate the knowledge in the students that is most appropriate for their optimal career prospects. With this philosophy in mind the MBA programme is designed by industry experts with the main focus on industry and not solely on theory learning which helps students in becoming better developed and groomed for future managerial and leadership roles, and preparing them to take the best strategic decisions in the interest of the firms they establish as entrepreneurs or join organizations as employees. Moreover, the concept of self-awareness and self-leadership lies at the core of the programme, facilitating the development of a deep understanding of personal goals and leadership traits for enhanced career progression. In addition to self-realization and leadership, the unique model for this programme amalgamates fundamental units with more advanced elements that include strategic management, leadership in a globalized economy, organizational transformation, entrepreneurship, governance and corporate accountability which prepares students for the industry in the best way.
If you are a student looking to enhance your skills, enjoy learning the most contemporary traits and get acquainted with the latest business knowledge, then this programme is definitely for you. For professionals, this programme ensures unparalleled career progression opportunities by preparing you for future roles and training you for your future success. If you are a professional who aims high and is looking to enhance their professional portfolio, then this programme is exactly what you need.

Career Prospects:
Having graduated with your MBA degree from Republic University College, you will not only have the necessary expertise to strengthen your managerial portfolio and pave the way for streamlined career progression, you will also be a future leader equipped with the most important hard and soft skills needed to succeed in future roles in the industry. MBAs across the globe are preferred for their leadership skills and critical thinking abilities; however, most institutions in Pakistan fail to relate the theoretical knowledge to practical needs which ultimately falls short of developing the MBA graduates to the extent needed by the industry. The MBA programme at Republic mitigates this deficiency by focusing on what the industry primarily demands and teaching the programme curriculum accordingly which ultimately helps any professional or student to polish his/her corporate outlook, strengthen the personal brand and boost future career opportunities.