It would not be an exaggeration to state that today’s industry and projects demand meticulous project management.  Business owners, managers, researchers, employees or students are all involved in projects in one way or another. Having the ability to manage projects effectively and efficiently is imperative for success in the 21st century work environment. Moreover, the road to any nation’s development and prosperity is paved with projects. Projects come in all categories, forms, sizes and degrees of complexity, and they all present unique challenges. At the same time, they have features in common, a thorough understanding of which is essential if these projects are to be managed properly. At Republic University College, the MS Project Management programme aims to prepare future managers to manage projects meticulously, efficiently and effectively. This programme has been designed by industry leaders primarily to provide the students with the knowledge and to help them acquire experience in managing projects of all types and scale in professional organizations, whether commercial, public, or not-for-profit. It addresses the main concepts, methodologies, tools and processes of project management and provides great opportunities for career enhancement. Republic University College aims to produce project managers capable of managing the constraints in time, cost and quality, as well as social, political and environmental challenges that are faced by a modern manager or entrepreneur. Furthermore, our industry liaisons further help our students, providing them with career opportunities where they can put to use their accumulated knowledge and learnt skills.

Why Choose This Programme?
MS PM familiarizes students with the concepts, principles, standards, processes, tools and techniques which are essential to managing the day to day activities of projects of different types. This skill set equips them with experience, knowledge and the expertise to ensure better career prospects and manage their work better resulting in better performance. Moreover, for practicing project managers, this programme will be a guide to enhance their capabilities and a reference for typical problems that may emerge in the project environment from time to time. It will also enable them to understand their role and the role of their projects in the mission of their organization and help them better align their efforts to ensure maximum output and objective attainment. For aspirants aiming for a fresh start in the field of Project Management, they will find that this programme provides tremendous value to their professional portfolio. For functional managers, this programme can provide an insight to enhance their contribution to project success and better align the efforts with organizational objectives and mission. The curriculum of this programme is universally accepted and its contents practiced and therefore it can add value to any professional’s work.
Furthermore, students will get the opportunity to interact with practitioners in seminars and workshops which is one of our core objectives at Republic University College, namely, to link theoretical classroom-acquired knowledge to practice and to provide pertinent experience and exposure to our students to ensure their success in the market. We facilitate students to adapt to new and developing circumstances that challenge their growth as they progress through each programme semester. Such support may include academic guidance, career counselling and professional grooming. Furthermore, the internships and job placement opportunities that our Industry Liaison Office provides to our students further distinguishes our programme from a common degree programme to a complete professional package.

Career Prospects:
Project Management is now a skill that is required and acknowledged by all practitioners in the modern world of progress. Therefore, by graduating with MS PM from Republic University College, you will have acquired not only the pertinent industry oriented knowledge but also the skills which will enable you to manage project goals within given constraint frameworks, and contribute to the strategic decision-making of a firm through understanding a range of specialized areas relevant to project management.
Organisations that hire project managers include:

  • Technology companies
  • Construction and built environment companies
  • Project Management firms
  • Architectural firms
  • IT companies
  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Public sector organisations