Outdoor Sporting Activities and Sports Scholarships

Through our industry liaisons we offer professional training and spaces for the following outdoor sports:

1. Cricket
2. Football
3. Trekking, camping & hiking
4. Volleyball
5. Badminton
6. Martial Arts/ MMA

Sports Scholarships

Moreover, for high achievers in the sports arenas, generous scholarships are up for grabs. To qualify, there are different eligibility criteria for different sports, which are as follows:

Martial Arts



Taekwondo / Judo: Black Belt 3 dan

Other recognized martial arts: Black belt 2 dan

MMA: Victory in any tournament

Cricket Member of a city level cricket team

Captain of a major school/college team

Football Member of a city level football team

Captain of a major school/college team

Please contact our admissions office or email us at contact@repblicuniversity.com.pk for more information.