The Republic College logo is a juxtaposition of a traditional shield and the ancient Greek Meander Pattern.

The shield design has been used for centuries by many educational institutions around the world. It symbolises stability, solidity, steadfastness, boldness and confidence.

The ‘labyrinth’ or ‘maze’ is a well-known ancient Greek pattern referred to as the ‘Meander pattern’. It symbolises continuity, infinity and eternal flow of things. It was used on ancient temples and on pottery. Later, the Romans and the Chinese used it extensively on their buildings and on their pottery.

The labyrinth also represents a symbolic challenge for one’s quest and perseverance in finding ones own way to the future, where Republic will facilitate the aspirant in finding his future direction.

The shield and the meander pattern come  together to form the logo of Republic College, which defines our philosophy and vision: to learn from the past and look towards the future; from azal to abad, to connect the past with infinity.

This is the connection that takes us from Plato’s ideas to Dr Allama Iqbal’s philosophy, and beyond.