Republic University College, School of Digital & Electronic Media offers the following degree programme:

  • BS Media Studies

The school aims to prepare students for a diverse choice of careers. The curricula of this programme is designed to strike a balance between conceptual frameworks and operational skills pertaining to fields of Media, Mass Communication and Journalism.

Pakistan is a society in transition. The rapid rise of the Electronic Media since 2002 has radically changed the media and communication landscape of the country. The arrival of the digital age is further transforming the arena and throwing up present and future challenges that are both exciting and promising. This media and information revolution has had a deep and lasting impact on Pakistan’s politics, society and culture. The change swirling around citizens’ lives is powered by many factors, of which media is a key one.

The School of Digital & Electronic Media aims to prepare students to successfully navigate their way in these transformational times by harnessing the power of change through conceptual and operational skills.