The creativity behind the technology in our lives, Software Engineering is the pioneering program which plays a highly significant role in the product development phase, and with BS in Software Engineering at Republic, you will learn the systematic application of engineering approaches to the development of software and get the insight you need into the technical world.

The mission of Dr. Salahuddin Hyder School of Computer Science is to produce worthy graduates in the various disciplines of software engineering and to train them to apply the knowledge and skills of software engineering in the design, development, documentation and maintenance of software.

The advancement in the field of software engineering is far beyond the average imagination, and with our purpose-focused educational modules the students will be facilitated in producing research contributions of international standards, to create solutions to the real world problems with respect to software and automation, and to attain educational competency at multiple levels through research and software development activities. Republic envisions and practices purposive education, to educate the students to become research oriented software engineers who are confident, competent, and meet the highest standards through their hard work.





Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.


Semester – I
CSI-301 Programming Fundamentals 4(3-1)
CSI-303 Introduction to Computing 4(3-1)
ENG-321 Functional English 3(3-0)
ISL-321 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2(2-0)
MTH-323 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 16


Semester – II
CSI-302 Object Oriented Programming 4(3-1)
CSI-304 Discrete Structures 3(3-0)
ENG-322 English Comprehension & Composition 3(3-0)
MTH-324 Advanced Calculus 3(3-0)
ELT-321 Basic Electronics 3(3-0)
PST-321 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
Semester Credit Hours 18


Semester – III
CSI-401 Data Structure & Algorithms 3(2-1)
CSI-403 Digital Logic & Design 3(2-1)
SWE-401 Introduction to Software Engineering 3(3-0)
ENG-421 Communication Skills 3(3-0)
STA-321 Introduction to Statistical Theory 3(3-0)
MTH-424 Linear Algebra 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 18


Semester – IV
CSI-402 Operating Systems 3(2-1)
SWE-450 Object Oriented Software Design 3(2-1)
CSI-405 Introduction to Database Systems 4(3-1)
CSI-506 Analysis of Algorithms 3(3-0)
CSI-406 Computer Communications & Networks 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 16


Semester – V
CSI-501 Web Engineering 3(2-1)
SWE-501 Software Requirements Engineering 3(2-1)
SWE-550 Software Quality Assurance 3(3-0)
SWE-503 Software Engineering Economics 3(3-0)
BBA-506 Huma Resource Management 3(3-0)
CSI-601 Human Computer Interaction 3(3-0)
Semester Credit Hours 18


Semester – VI
SOC-307 Introduction to Sociology 3(3-0)
SWE-505 Professional Practices 3(3-0)
CSI-607 Artificial Intelligence 3(2-1)
SWE-551 Software Design & Architecture 3(2-1)
SWE-553 Visual Programming 3(2-1)
Elective – I 3
Semester Credit Hours 18


Semester – VII
SWE-603 Software Project Management 3(3-0)
SWE-605 Software Metrics 3(2-1)
SWE-607 Mathematical tools for Software Engineering 3(2-1)
BBA-601 Organizational Behaviour 3(3-0)
Elective – II 3
Elective – III 3
Semester Credit Hours 18


Semester – VIII
Elective –V 3
Elective – VI 3
SWE-631 Final Project 6(0-6)
Semester Credit Hours 12
Total Credit Hours = 134


List of Elective Courses:

SWE-502 Software Process Improvement 3(3-0)
SWE-602 Information Systems & Data Processing 3(2-1)
SWE-604 Information System Audit 3(3-0)
SWE-617 Android Development 3(2-1)
SWE-618 Mobile Communication 3(3-0)
SWE-619 Digital Image Processing 3(2-1)
SWE-620 Data and Text Mining 3(2-1)
SWE-621 Software Testing 3(2-1)
SWE-622 Advanced Object Oriented Programming 3(2-1)
SWE-623 Software Configuration Management 3(2-1)
SWE-624 Computer Aided Software Design & Architecture 3(2-1)
*Any other Elective Course from HEC booklet conditional to expertise.



  • Candidates for admission in BS Software Engineering must have 45% aggregate marks in F.Sc or equivalent.
  • All course contents are described as per GCUF description.
  • Admission criteria and degree requirements are as per HEC rules.