Extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the overall development of an individual. World acclaimed researchers and human resource practitioners continue to stress upon the need for students to indulge in such activities in order to grow and develop in a well rounded manner.

For this reason, Republic College has established a number of student societies and clubs to create a vibrant campus culture.

Whether you love literature or poetry; have a thirst for disarming opponents with words in debate; are passionate about performing on stage; proud of your fitness and love sports; or are into the virtual world of gaming – Republic College offers clubs and societies for you all.

Diyar-e-Shauq Society
The Diyar-e-Shauq Society is the proud hub of the intellectuals who admire literature, poetry and love to express their ideas, ideals and their visions in form of literary arts. Students who join this society shall have the extraordinary opportunities to meet renowned poets and writers and modern visionaries to not only learn directly from but also polish their inner literary artist.

Republic Union Debating Society
Republic Union Debating Society is home to those who are not hesitant to express their views, ideas and their vision in front of an audience. Members of this elite debating society shall enjoy the opportunity to learn not only from regular seminars, events and debate competitions but also directly from acclaimed professionals, leaders and social activists who are brilliant in the art of debating, presentations and speech delivery. Members of Republic Union Society shall enjoy a lifelong membership and fellowship that would provide them to be future mentors and better-connected leaders.

Republic Model United Nations
For students who wish to enhance their communication and leadership skills, or those who want to polish the skill of debating and diplomacy, Republic Model United Nations offers the perfect platform to learn and practice it all. You will have the opportunity to experience how resolutions are passed in the UN and develop your ability to think critically and negotiate while also expanding your understanding of global issues.

Republic History Society
It is said that the nations that forget their history and roots are forgotten by history itself. Knowing history and reflecting on the lessons it holds is critical to the improvement of the collective society. At Republic College, we acknowledge the importance of historians and therefore, for students who are fond of history and historic events, Republic History Society offers you the platform to meet like-minded students, form fellowships and provide valuable insights from the historical perspective to contribute in making a better future for Pakistan.

Republic Gaming Club
It would not be an exaggeration to state that the 21st century is the age of virtual technological development. Republic  College acknowledges the increasing interest of a number of students in the world of virtual gaming, and offers a unique platform to those who thrive in the world of virtual gaming to further enhance their skills, compete in competitions and form long-lasting fellowships through the Republic Gaming Club.

Republic Photography Club
Republic Photography Club is the hub for creative artists who admire capturing moments. If you are a student who is fond of photography and would like to meet and learn from like-minded individuals, become part of this club and enjoy being on the official panel of photographers for the college.

Edhi Community Service Club
The number of community workers, social activists and philanthropists reflect the collective conscious level of a society. Republic College acknowledges the importance of the services that volunteers and community leaders offer. Therefore, Republic Community Service Club offers a platform to all the future leaders who pay importance to societal development and resolution of societal illnesses. Be a part of this prestigious club to learn community development from fellow peers and from acclaimed social activists to channel your energies in the right direction in order to make the maximum difference you aspire to for the betterment of the whole society.

Republic Music Society
This society is where people with a passion for music, people who play various instruments or want to learn how to, people who enjoy singing and people who seek a stage to perform can come together and share their common interests and knowledge. Members may form a band (or multiple) and compete and/or perform with or at different universities and events, including concerts hosted by Republic College itself.

Republic Theatre Club
Derived from the same culture as Plato himself, the Ancient Greek form of entertainment was theatre plays, mainly tragedy. Theatre has been popular among almost all cultures and societies throughout the ages.